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  • Overleaf is excited to announce the following new customer!

    Posted by Annie on July 20, 2022

    Welcome To Our New Customer: Magnetic Insight

    Magnetic Insight

    Magnetic Insight is now providing an Overleaf Standard group subscription to their team, giving them access to Overleaf premium features. This subscription will enable their researchers to collaborate smoothly while providing access to premium features like track changes, document history and advanced reference search.

    Magnetic Insight has pioneered magnetic particle imaging (MPI), a new diagnostic and monitoring technology that transforms medical imaging. MPI provides unique information not available from current structural and metabolic imaging captured by CT, MRI, and nuclear medicine. MPI offers what no other modality can: the ability to monitor costly immunotherapy cancer treatments and redirect a treatment regimen if necessary. Having started in the preclinical space by selling small animal products to leading universities worldwide, Magnetic Insight is now scaling up MPI technology for clinical use.

    Check out Magnetic Insight to learn more.

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