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Overleaf is a startup and social enterprise that builds modern collaborative authoring tools to help make science and research faster, more open and more transparent.

Overleaf’s market-leading collaboration technology is now in use by over ten million researchers, students, and teachers in institutions, labs, and industry worldwide.

10,000,000 users worldwide
56 in the Overleaf team
2012 company founded

Overleaf has grown rapidly over the past nine years; read more about the company behind our successes.

Overleaf was inspired by our founders' experiences in academia, and today our vision is shaped by our whole team and community.


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Overleaf is all about collaboration; we work with partners across many sectors to improve scientific writing and communication.

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Who We Are

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Overleaf is a startup and social enterprise that builds modern collaborative authoring tools for scientists — like Google Docs for Science. Our primary product is an online, real time collaborative editor for papers, theses, technical reports and other documents written in the LaTeX markup language.

In our nine years since launch, Overleaf has seen rapid adoption across science and research, and now supports a community of over ten million authors from over 180 countries worldwide who’ve created over 87 million documents using our services. This community includes major institutions such as Stanford and Caltech, with Overleaf becoming an integral part not only of research collaborations but also of undergraduate teaching.

Overleaf is also making the journal submission process smoother for LaTeX users across many academic publishers; a number of large international tech companies and labs are using our enterprise solutions; and we support educational outreach through our volunteer Overleaf Advisor programme, which has over 300 members.

Digital Science UK Limited (formerly Writelatex Limited), the company behind Overleaf, was founded by two mathematicians who were inspired by their own experiences in academia to create a better solution for scientific collaboration and communication. Now we are a team of over thirty, based mainly in and around the UK and in the US.

We are also part of the wider Digital Science group, who have helped us grow into the company we are today. Digital Science have supported and invested in Overleaf since 2014, and have a mission to help make research more efficient so there’s more time for discovery.

Our Aims

Why did we create Overleaf? To address problems that we experienced ourselves when writing papers collaboratively, and by doing so, make the power of LaTeX accessible to all scientists and technical writers, at all stages of their career.

Most of the world's technological and medical innovations began with a scientific paper. There are over two million scientific papers published every year, and many more technical reports and presentations. Scientists in academia and industry spend a lot of their time writing, reviewing and publishing these papers; that's a lot of admin & paperwork tasks. We saw a way we could help save time on these tasks, making the whole process of academic collaboration easier and more effective.

Going beyond academia, society increasingly looks to science for solutions to today’s most pressing social challenges, and if we’re going to face up to complex health issues, an ageing population, and the digital transformation of the world, we need science that is faster, more open, more trustworthy, and more meaningful to citizens. We’re helping to make that possible.

Learn more about our philosophy and the values that are important to us.

Get in touch

Interested in joining Overleaf? Our current openings are listed on our Careers page, and we're always keen to hear from exceptional people who are passionate about what they do — just drop us a line at

If you'd like to get in touch about partnerships or other opportunities, or if you're using Overleaf and need some help, we'd love to hear from you! Please email us at, or get in touch via our contact page.

Our team

We're really proud of the team we've built at Overleaf, there are over 50 of us now, but it still feels like it did when there were just a few of us. We work hard to recruit talented individuals with a shared vision and passion for helping Overleaf be the best it can be for our customers, as well as ensuring we're a fun, inclusive and challenging place to work. Meet our amazing team below!


  • John Hammersley

    John Hammersley

    Co-founder, CEO

    Mathematician; physicist; dancer. Entrepreneur; founder; CEO. Co-founder of Overleaf. Did driverless taxis at Ultra PRT. Forever learning :)
  • John Lees-Miller

    John Lees-Miller

    Co-founder, CTO

    Computer scientist, mathematician and co-founder of Overleaf. I make things that work.
  • Mary Anne

    Mary Anne Baynes

    Chief Commercial Officer

    Champion for innovation in the scientific and publishing communities through amazing new technologies.
  • Lee Shalit

    Lee Shalit


    Accountant, lawyer, entrepreneur, with 20 years experience working as a COO/CFO to Tech-Digital start ups. Worked previously for Fintech, Digital Agency and Software companies. Passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship and sport.


  • Villy Ioannou

    Villy Ioannou

    Institutional Sales Director

    A passionate supporter of open science and unrestricted dissemination of science and knowledge. Excited to be able to facilitate collaboration and to provide the tools to the scientific community wherever they are to make our planet (and beyond) a better place to be!
  • ray-counley

    Ray Counley

    Enterprise Sales Director

    A lover of all things tech-related, especially SaaS and cloud-based products that provide great collaboration and business solutions. Forever dabbling in Internet Marketing, SEO and WordPress – with a career history in Telecommunications & IP Networks. Away from it all, walking and hiking with family & friends – and our mad Springer Spaniel!
  • antony-sq-400

    Antony Mckay

    Senior Institutional Sales Manager

    From Newcastle (UK), I've worked in roles supporting the education sector for over 15 years. I previously managed the relationship between the Janet computer network for education and research and its customer base in Universities across the country. More recently I have enjoyed a range of commercial sales roles selling into the public sector. Love the outdoors, beer festivals and sunshine.
  • dan-image-sq

    Dan McCarthy

    Enterprise Sales Manager

    Life long learner, constantly curious. I enjoy helping organizations excel at collaboration.
  • harrison

    Harrison Bourne

    Senior Enterprise Sales Manager

    I am a strong advocate of STEM development and am proud to be helping facilitate new and exciting discoveries in this sector. My background encompasses aerospace, medical and mechanical engineering but have since discovered a passion for sales and business development - I relish meeting new people and helping to solve their problems with technology. In my downtime I enjoy the countryside, white water kayaking, re-learning the guitar...and good whisky!
  • Lisa D

    Lisa Delmonico

    Enterprise Sales Manager

    Excited to be part of this amazing team supporting the scientific community with innovative technology. Lisa is a music enthusiast and a mom who enjoys spending time with family.
  • Liz Kluk

    Liz Kluk

    Institutional Sales Manager

    Enthusiastic equestrian with a passion for science, technology, and learning.

Customer Services

  • Ryan L


    Customer Services Director

    I'm committed to making the world a better place by connecting scientists and researchers with the tools they need. Avid reader, lifelong learner, slow but joyful runner.
  • tom-circle


    Support Manager

    Tom is an avid LaTeX user, so much that he writes everything in it, even casual letters, meeting notes, or business cards. He has a mathematics and computer science backround, and as an experienced teacher, researcher, and LaTeX user both as the author and journal editor, he is here to support the users as necessary. If he does not sit in front of the computer, he most likely sits on a bicycle or behind the organ. When approaching issues, his motto is: "Impossible now, miracles in 3 days."
  • Ben


    LaTeX Support and Product Specialist

    A physicist with an enjoyment of well-typeset documents. While teaching, he used different technologies to make resources more inclusive and engaging. Now he is using that experience to support our community. When he’s not extolling the virtues of LaTeX he’ll often be found gaming, reading or walking.
  • Dan MacK


    LaTeX Support and Product Specialist

    I’ve worked as a mathematics teacher, software developer, curriculum writer, and technical trainer. I am continuing to explore my interests in education, recreational mathematics, and technical communication, while learning something new about LaTeX everyday.
  • Graham Douglas


    Content Development Editor

    I've worked in scientific/technical publishing for over 20 years (Senior Publisher, book/journal production, and programming). Now relishing the opportunity to combine my interests in publishing and TeXnology. I work from home, ably assisted by our two delightfully inquisitive Bengal cats: Oscar and Alfie.
  • photo lee


    LaTeX Support and Product Specialist

    I am thrilled to be on a team that supports a powerful tool that facilitates scientific collaboration and efficiency. In my free time, I enjoy volunteering at the animal shelter, practicing flute, and running.
    • Lian Tze L


      Community TeXpert

      Computer scientist, once-lecturer, trainer. Enjoys tinkering with LaTeX in the name of productive procrastination (ahem). Personal motto: "all research students are insane at one time or another".
    • Lois photo


      Support Lead (B2B Onboarding)

      I love working on real world problems that are at the intersection of maths, software and user experience. Once a physicist, and with a background in engineering and software, I'm passionate about science and learning. After living away from my home of North Wales for 20 years, I'm now back and enjoying working with people from all over the world.
    • Paul G

      Paul G

      Support Lead (Server Pro)

      Paul is an avid TeX user who enjoys helping others use LaTeX to produce high-quality, effective documents of all kinds. Trained as a mechanical engineer, but with an atypical set of interests, he has experience in research, software product development, publishing, and teaching. Paul is committed to building and supporting tools that make scientific collaboration and publishing easier. When he's not at work, you might find Paul backpacking, cycling, or enjoying time with family and friends.

    Account Management

    • Shelly M


      Account Management Director

      Passionate about education and art, and enthusiastic about supporting a creative, innovative technology that is making a positive difference in collaborative scientific research and publishing worldwide.
    • Tiffany C

      Tiffany C

      Senior Account Manager

      Strong believer in the power of collaboration, passionate about service, eager supporter of science and education. Tiffany is also an animal lover, active volunteer in her community, and a cookie enthusiast.
    • Jared


      Account Manager

      Enthusiastic about teamwork and collaboration due to the unlimited potential that they bring to the table. Jared loves animals, theme parks, and just about anything Marvel. He enjoys fitness but is also an avid “foodie”, so the former can sometimes be a struggle.

    B2C Growth

    • leif sm


      VP Consumer Business

      E-commerce, digital marketing & monetisation background in startups and public companies. Strives to create value for customers, shareholders, employees, and community. "Accomplish things, yet leave time for flâneuring."


    • Jamie-sq-sm


      Marketing Manager

      I’ve spent more than 15 years helping scientists share their research and supporting programs that increase diversity in the sciences. Long time freelance food writer and sour gummy aficionado.
    • Amy J


      Sales and Marketing Support Manager

      Enthusiastic to be part of an amazing team, supporting a powerful tool to make scientific collaboration available to all. Devoted to family, dog lover, aspiring amateur photographer.
    • annie-sm


      Sales and Marketing Coordinator

      Marketing Enthusiast, passion for helping others and excited to be a part of a tool that makes science and research more easily available and transparent for all.
    • Paulo photo

      Paulo C

      Community Outreach Coordinator

      A friendly person always eager to learn, share and help. Computer scientist and TeX enthusiast, he wholeheartedly believes a smile is indeed the shortest distance between two people.

    Finance & Ops

    • Leah V


      Finance and Operations Manager

      Dedicated to providing proficient responses to all financial demands with experience in multiple industries. A fun loving, number crunching, foodie, who loves animals and is mad on Latin American dancing! Loving life working with the Overleaf family.
    • kerry-1-sm


      Business Support Administrator

      I’m an experienced administrator, with a background in working in financial services. Originally from Ireland, I now live in London. When I’m not at my laptop, I enjoy yoga, reading & gaming online.


    • Alexandru


      UX Designer

      Alex is a UX designer with a love for crafting usable interfaces that make life easier. He is passionate about everything related to design and in his free time he likes to cycle, take mindfulness walks and spend time with friends and family.
      • Chris McIsaac Picture

        Chris M

        Product Manager (Technical)

        Chris has a mechanical/electrical engineering background and is always working to improve the experience of users, first on automotive driver-assistance systems and now at Overleaf. He lives in London and enjoys a range of sports, the outdoors and pub quizzes.
        • Chris W

          Chris W

          Head of Analytics

          With a technical background as a former systems engineer, Chris has a data-driven approach and is always looking to test new ideas before diving in.
          • ieva


            Data Analyst

            Ieva is here to analyse data and to provide valuable insights about how people use the Overleaf LaTeX editor and how to make it better. Enjoys adventurous travelling, photography, and reading non-fiction.
            • Jess Domanska


              UX Designer

              UX Designer with a background in Human-Computer Interaction and a passion for User Research. Enjoys cooking, yoga, and aims to always be learning something new. Originally from Poland, now lives in Stockholm, Sweden.
              • Leigh


                UX Designer

                Leigh is a UX designer based in Warsaw, Poland. With a background in anthropology and design, Leigh is unwaveringly committed to finding the perfect balance between functionality and visual aesthetic. In his spare time, he enjoys bikepacking through remote landscapes and practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu.
                • Paul


                  Data Analyst

                  Paul is a professionally curious Chartered Statistician. He is a huge LaTeX fan; having used it both for research publication and teaching. He likes to see data analyses that get used to change things. He relaxes by kayaking and hill walking.
                  • Paulo R

                    Paulo R

                    Head of UX

                    Paulo is a user experience researcher living in Portugal. With a healthy mix of frontend software development and user experience research skills, he is passionate about shaping technology towards human usage — either in concept or validation, in design or implementation.
                  • Roberta C


                    Product Director

                    Roberta has over 15 years experience in STEM Publishing in various roles across marketing, business and product management. She has worked closely with authors and researchers to understand their pain points and loves making their lives easier! Originally from Italy, she lives in London and has a passion for making hats.
                  • Roxana Jafari


                    Product Manager

                    Product Manager with an MsC in Digital Service Design. 5 years in commercial roles prior to moving into 'tech for good'. Loves speaking to people and problem solving. Recently moved out of London for the much coveted country life. Side hustles/hobbies include flipping furniture, painting, and long walks with podcasts.


                    • Alex Picture


                      Alex is a full-stack software engineer based in France, slightly obsessed with code refactoring and continuous improvement. Also passionate about music, videomaking and tabletop roleplaying.
                    • Alf


                      Alf is a full-stack developer who likes to build web applications that help authors, readers and publishers create and manage their information.
                    • Ali S


                      I'm a web developer interested in science and how it gets out into the world. Also finding mountains and climbing up them.
                    • Brian G


                      Brian is a software developer and former theoretical high energy physicist at Fermilab and Los Alamos. For many years he published free software manuals commercially using TeX and LaTeX and was also the maintainer of the GNU Scientific Library.
                    • Christopher H

                      Christopher H

                      Mathematician, IT Professional and Debian Developer. Slightly obsessed with packaging software. I'm also interested in natural history, particularly botany.
                    • Development


                      I am a software developer living in England, UK. A coding enthusiast and a part-time musician, I love to take time off from coding and enjoy music, nature and sports.
                      • Eric Mc S


                        Eric is a software developer from Montreal, Canada. He brings to Overleaf his love of mathematics and instruction manuals. He still has not figured out how to put his other interests for trains, roses and rodents to good use.
                      • M Fahru photo


                        An aerospace engineering graduate that decided to pursue software engineering. He is currently living in Baltimore, US, but grew up in Indonesia. He loves science & math and he's a self-proclaimed linux enthusiast (although he uses macbook for work...)
                      • Henry O


                        Henry is a software engineer living in London. He built the original prototype of ShareLaTeX and has been responsible for building a stable and scalable platform. Henry is a strong advocate of Test Driven Development and makes sure we keep the code clean and easy to maintain.
                      • Ilkin picture


                        Ilkin is a software developer living in Bulgaria. A programming enthusiast loving clean and maintainable code.
                      • Jakob


                        I am a junior developer living in Frankfurt, Germany. I maintained forks of the OSS stack and I am very happy to hack upstream now. Also interested in road biking and digital photography.
                      • Jessica L


                        Science enthusiast. Once a life sciences researcher, a passion for programming and improving technology for scientists led Jessica to software engineering. Previously she worked with peer-reviewed publishers and science start-ups. She also enjoys stepping away from the computer to explore the outdoors.
                      • Mathias


                        A software engineer based in Glasgow. When he's not obsessing about programming languages, you can find him either on top of a sunny mountain, or in a dusky billiard hall.
                        • Miguel S


                          Miguel is a software developer originally from Malaga, a sunny city in the south of Spain. He loves cooking, rugby and writing mantainable code.
                        • June


                          June is a software developer living in Edinburgh.
                        • Simon D


                          Engineering Manager

                          Simon is a Warwickshire-based software developer specialising in backend development. Formerly CTO of a software company, he joined Overleaf to try something a bit different. He originally started programming as a child in BASIC on a ZX spectrum, and the first word he learned to spell was "RUN".
                        • Thomas Picture


                          Thomas is a software engineer living in Switzerland. Before Overleaf he worked on open source research data management and digital repository software for universities.
                        • Tim A


                          I'm a software engineer interested in the web and entrepreneurship. I like to create things available to people. I'm french, living in London (that's so original...)
                        • Tim D

                          Tim D

                          Tim is a full-stack developer based in the UK who likes building useful software. He also enjoys running and singing.


                          • Ioana


                            Interested in distributed systems and solving algorithmic challenges. I enjoy working remotely from home, but I did go out once to meet Hello Kitty.
                          • Hayden


                            Just your standard piano playing, sports loving, software engineer. I've been working remotely for the past few years and love it. I take great satisfaction in building tools to make other people's lives easier
                          • Joe


                            Joe is a full stack engineer based in York. Joe takes pride in building secure, scalable systems and enjoys finding new ways to simplify software development.
                          • Michael C

                            Michael C

                            Michael is one of our resident LaTeX experts, and is responsible for many of our great tutorials and guides as well as solving some tricky LaTeX problems.
                          • Kiri


                            Kiri provides account management support for the groups using ShareLaTeX and Overleaf. Previously she worked at the BBC and before that she helped run the torch relay for London 2012 Olympics.
                          • Alberto


                            Originally from Spain, I now live in the beautiful Edinburgh with my wife, daughter and two cats. I love designing software and building products that help people.
                          • Caroline


                            Computer scientist turned environmental scientist with a passion for clean water, trees, and toilets. I use LaTeX for all my reports to make science look beautiful. I am honoured to have been so involved with the excellent work Overleaf do in making science and TeXnology available for all.
                          • Stu


                            Mathematician, Software Developer, Music Producer and Film/TV Composer ... basically, 100% geek; but loud. My face is blurred because I like to go fast.
                          • Marc


                            Actively trying to make the machines do all the hard and boring work and let us build things. Moved from Barcelona for the weather and the food.
                          • Sara


                            With many years of experience in finance in both corporate and charity sector, Sara is passionate about helping people and making a difference. Loves traveling and taking a long walk in nature.
                            • Doug


                              Doug is a TeX wayback who loves typesetting. He pays attention to HCI design, practices TDD, has deep experience making great software. Away from work, he experiments with applied fluid dynamics in airplanes and sailboats.
                            • Patrick


                              I have a passion for sales and marketing and am thrilled to empower scientists, researchers, and authors with the tools they need to accomplish great things. When not working for Overleaf I can usually be found on the golf course, hiking through the hills of North Carolina, or cooking with close friends.
                            • James


                              James has a PhD in theoretical physics and is passionate about LaTeX. He created one of the first online LaTeX editors, ScribTeX, and has played a large role in developing the technologies that make ShareLaTeX and Overleaf possible.
                            • Michael M

                              Michael M

                              Expat Silicon Valley software guy. Studied physics long ago, then wound up at a succession of software companies (some well known, some not). Pleased to be re-involved with the sciences.
                            • Paul M

                              Paul M

                              I'm a Content Specialist, having helped various B2B and B2C clients take the next step in their growth plans. Culture vulture, football lover and volunteer. I can often be found listening to extremely loud music in gig venues or exploring the great outdoors whenever the weather allows for it in rainy Ireland.
                            • Pedro L


                              Product manager living in Aveiro (Portugal), with an informatics engineering PhD and relentless devotion to all-things-product.
                            • Harriet W


                              LaTeX enthusiast, here to help debug elusive errors and keep our documentation up to date. Studying physics, trying hard not to be distracted by typesetting physics.
                            • Ersun W


                              Originally from the United States, Ersun has developed systems software for web hosting at Bluehost, consumer websites for Ebay and, and worked on a number of open source projects, mostly for Node.js.
                            • Kate C


                              Digital marketing specialist with over 20 years’ experience (I know – before social media! #prehistoric). Passionate about putting the customer first, and deep diving into data to fully understand how I can help improve efficiency and customer experiences. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family and making amazing memories!
                            • Chrystal G


                              Originally from Birmingham in the UK, Chrystal is a primarily a frontend engineer who likes JavaScript and also manipulating strings. Other things she likes include foam bananas, skincare and anything that will make her even more organised.
                            • lisa-a-photo


                              Lisa makes sure all the Overleaf finance and administration functions run smoothly. Background in support, finance and administration in Healthcare and Pharma. Nature lover, volunteer, community champion and Yorkshire Tea addict.
                            • Hugh O'B


                              Aspiring psychologist turned journal staffer turned software developer. Interested in improving science and the way it's communicated using technology.
                            • Natalie J


                              Passionate about tools that improve efficiency in the world. Background in Pharmacology, big Pharma and running my own start-up helping academics crowdfund their research.
                            • Nate S


                              Math, physics, and computer science—especially their intersection. Determined to improve the current state of education through technology and data.
                            • tiffany-m-photo

                              Tiffany M

                              I'm a born and bred California girl from LA, but have been living in Madrid, Spain for over a decade. Having come from a background in higher education and B2B tech marketing, working at Overleaf is a dream come true! I´ve lived in 8 countries, play the piano and am a self-proclaimed food and wine critic (much to the annoyance of my friends and family).
                            • Irene photo


                              I’m an Information Systems graduate, with an intensive background in administration. I currently live in London. In my spare time I enjoy creating new experiences with my family, listening to music and adding content to my online podcast (The Bad Parents Podcast). When I feel inspired, I also like to create and when possible, perform my spoken word/poetry. Hoping to grow and be a major attribute to the Overleaf Team.