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  • November News Update

    Posted by Paul on November 14, 2019

    As we edge closer to the end of the year, we are starting to wrap up 2019 projects and look ahead to what 2020 will bring. But before that, we’d love to fill you in on some exciting recent developments.

    Overleaf at CERN: Supporting Thousands of Research Collaborations

    NovNews1 3D dipole integration panoramic poster: ©️ CERN.

    Since its founding in 1954, CERN has been at the forefront of the creation, development, and adoption of new technology to help uncover what the universe is made of and how it works. CERN brings together people from all over the world to push forward the boundaries of human knowledge, helping to inspire and train the next generation of scientists and engineers in the process.

    In 2016, CERN was looking to adopt a single, collaborative authoring tool to provide to their researchers. They conducted a year-long trial of three platforms, with Overleaf emerging as the best fit.

    “The subsequent launch of Overleaf at CERN has been a huge success, with usage in the first year and a half growing by over 800% to include more than 3,600 CERN members across many different departments and specialities.” Nikos Kasioumis, Software Engineer in the IT department at CERN and leader of the CERN authoring trial

    Read our blog post for the full press release and link to the case study.

    Server Pro 2.0.1 Update

    At Overleaf, we’re always looking at ways to continually improve our product. Since we joined forces with ShareLaTeX in mid-2017, we’ve worked hard to bring the best elements of Overleaf and ShareLaTeX together.

    With the new combined platform successfully launched and new features being frequently added, we’ve now brought a number of those upgrades to our on-premise solutions - Overleaf Community Edition and Overleaf Server Pro!

    You can read more about Server Pro, the new features available and how to upgrade it in our blog.

    New Feature: Transfer Project Ownership

    We’re delighted to present a new feature on Overleaf that enables project owners to transfer the ownership of projects to a collaborator.

    So if you have to take a step back from a particular project, for whatever reason—perhaps you started a project but are no longer involved, or you’re heading out on holiday and would like a collaborator to manage it whilst you’re away—you can now do so in a few simple clicks.

    This feature is available to everyone, and you can find out exactly how it works on our blog.

    Out and About at the IAC


    Our sales and support team attended the 70th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) on 21-25 October in Washington DC, United States.

    During our time at the IAC 2019 we managed to speak to hundreds of visitors, including lots of Overleafians - and got some great feedback along the way!

    "While talking with users across five days at the IAC conference, we were happy to receive a lot of positive feedback about our support teams' LaTeX helper skills. Plus, we had many interesting discussions on how Overleaf will be able to help institutions and enterprises across the globe in the years to come." Paul Gessler, Overleaf Support Team

    But it wasn't all plain sailing (or swimming we should say) as our Overleaf Duck had a few dilemmas of his own, especially when it came down to deciding what to wear for the #YurisNight Dance.


    Updated Collaborator Permissions

    We recently rolled out a small but powerful change to Overleaf. Project owners can now change existing collaborators’ permissions without having to remove and re-invite them.

    Find out more in this blog post.

    New PayPal Gateway

    As we continue to work on making our systems more efficient, we have recently updated our PayPal payment gateway.

    Read our blog post for full details on the change.

    Get in Touch

    And as always, we’d love to hear from you! Whether it’s feedback on the platform, ideas for our community, interest in working for Overleaf, project help, or anything else related to Overleaf, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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