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  • Tip of the Week: How to download an Overleaf template

    Posted by Graham on February 1, 2022

    This tip was first published on 20 January 2018 and updated on 1 February 2022.

    We receive a number of technical support questions which ask how to download an Overleaf template so that its files/folders can be used in a local TeX installation. So, we decided to write a short article showing you how to do it.

    Firstly, start by searching the Gallery to find a template you’d like to use in a local TeX installation:

    Get template source0

    After identifying a suitable template, select the Open as Template button to create an Overleaf project:

    Get template source1

    Once the project has compiled, select the Menu button (top-left corner of the workspace) then select the Source icon to download the project source files as a ZIP file:

    Get template source

    The project source files are downloaded to a ZIP file from which you can extract files to use in your local TeX installation.

    Get template source2

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