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  • Overleaf Product Update: Read-only invites and Chapter/Part folding

    Posted by Ryan on March 21, 2017

    We’re always working to make Overleaf better by introducing new features and improving existing ones. Here are a couple of recent updates that we released this month.

    Invite collaborators with either read-only or read-and-edit access

    Overleaf provides advanced access control when you're collaborating: with link-sharing turned off, only collaborators you specifically invite by email address have access to your project. Now, you can also specify the access level for your collaborators. When you invite a collaborator, select whether they should have read only access, or full edit access:

    Read-only invites

    The number of named collaborators you can invite to your projects depends on whether you're on our free plan or one of our premium plans.

    Chapter and part folding

    We recently introduced code folding for sections and subsections, and we've now introduced it for chapters and parts, as well. Fold a part, and all the chapters and sections within the part are hidden away until you unfold.

    Code-folding of chapters and parts on Overleaf

    Collapse / Uncollapse all

    UPDATE (July 2019). Legacy feature (Overleaf V1 only): Please note that the techniques described below are not currently available on Overleaf (V2).

    You can also find new 'Collapse all' and 'Uncollapse all' buttons in the editor bar to easily fold up or unfold your document all in one go:

    Read-only invites

    There were many other minor improvements behind the scenes this month, and we have some more product updates coming soon, so stay tuned!

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