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  • Guest Post Feature: Peerus, a new tool for automated publication monitoring

    Posted by Philippe Chuzel, Commercial Director at Peerus on October 7, 2016

    Researchers have to monitor their research field to stay up to date. Being aware of their co-writers and competitors’ work, following any progress, new knowledge and methods is both fundamental and essential in the researcher’s job.

    Peerus is a webapp. It is a smart, self-learning tool allowing researchers to speed up and automate their monitoring.Dedicated to researchers, Peerus immediately identifies each user’s past publications and co-authors.

    Peerus homepage

    From this information, Peerus’s algorithm is then able to deduce the user’s research field, the journals he is interested in and other researchers and institutes he should follow the work of. The on boarding process automatically configures the app so that it can immediately be used by the researcher. Of course, every aspect of the app is customizable and the user may change his settings and preferences for a more detailed and personalized monitoring (eco)system.Once set up, Peerus will identify new relevant papers in each user’s field, on a daily basis. The matching algorithm searches in more than 2000 major reviews and returns a tailored list of curated papers based on relevancy factors such as the researcher’s field, the papers he wrote, his current research institute, the keywords he is looking for. The more the researcher uses the app, the more Peerus will provide relevant papers, thanks to its learning machine algorithm.

    Twice a day, Peerus parses the 2000 most influential scientific journals based on their impact factor. Once set up, the app identifies in real time the new relevant papers and returns a tailored list of curated publications based on relevancy factors such as the researcher’s field, the papers he has written, his current research institution, the keywords he is looking for and his previous feedbacks to the app.

    Find out more and give it a try today at


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