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  • Thanks everyone - MakeUseOf features WriteLaTeX (again)!

    Posted on April 24, 2013

    If you were using writeLaTeX in 2012, you may recall that on Christmas Day we were featured in this review at This capped a remarkable year for us: we saw a phenomenal growth in the number of new & regular users of the site, and launched a series of major upgrades to match, continually looking to improve the level of service we were able to provide.

    We've continued to push forward, and thanks to your support we're continuing to grow in 2013. We recently launched some new features to help facilitate the use of writeLaTeX for teaching, including our own online learning course, and have seen new developments for the use of writeLaTeX to improve research management (with Mikhail Klassen) and open science (with figshare).

    It's therefore quite nice that, during this current period of intense development, we've again been picked up by the MakeUseOf radar, featuring in today's "Cool Websites and Tools" post!

    WriteLaTeX on MakeUseOf link

    Thanks to everyone who's contributed feedback, bug reports, content for templates and posts, and to those who featured us on their own sites - we couldn't do this without you, and will continue to develop and improve as we move forward.

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