Timeline CV

Sarah Lang
Creative Commons CC BY 4.0

This is a spinoff of the Hipster CV featuring new visual elements, especially the timeline and the progress circles.

The colour options are like in the Hipster CV but here, a "bluebeige" version was added as 'the main colour theme'. Not all Hipster colours look great with this, but verylight, lighthipster and allblack are quite ok.

Compared to the original and Simple Hipster CVs, it is generally less crammed and thus is a bit lighter on the eye due to the greater amount of white space.

The timeline functionality is not yet perfect, but it allows for lots of customization. It will be updated once I've come up with something more effective. Then I will also take care to make it a bit more user-friendly. (Thus far, it's a little bit complicated, sorry about that.)

The original Hipster CV is here (Github repo – read up more on the initial thought with it here & here).

And then, there is also the newer and lighter version of it, called Simple Hipster CV.

This github repo is here.

Timeline CV